Why is China witnessing a sudden spike in Covid cases?

China is currently grappling with a sudden spurt in coronavirus cases reportedly fuelled by the Omicron subvariants BF.7. The condition of hospitals in different cities of China is even worse. There are patients everywhere in the hospital and all of them are suffering from Covid.

According to America’s Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, if the situation in China does not improve, then by 2023 end, one million people may lose their lives due to Covid. 

Now you may be wondering — how a sudden spike in Covid cases occurred in China? It is due to the lifting of the zero-Covid policy by the Chinese government. The zero-Covid policy includes imposing strict rules ranging from lockdown to quarantining people in their homes.

For the last three years, there were continuous small and big lockdowns in different parts of China, but now all the lockdowns are being lifted. The health centres that were built in China for Covid care have been removed.

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Why is China witnessing a sudden spike in Covid cases?

A surge in Covid cases in China started when it relaxed the corona restrictions after a long time. Now understand why this happened. The people of China remained in lockdown for a long time three years under the zero covid policy.

People were not allowed to go out, and due to this, natural immunity could not develop in the people there. And then as soon as the new variant of Covid came to China, it started spreading rapidly among the people soon after the lockdown was relaxed.

China was considering its success against Covid under the zero-Covid policy but it proved to be its biggest mistake. China continuously imposed lockdowns while in other parts of the world, the lockdown was gradually lifted. This had a direct impact on the immunity of the people.

Experts believe that immunity through the vaccine is only for a certain time, while the immunity that develops naturally in people is effective against the virus for a long time.

China’s vaccine and vaccine policy can also be considered responsible for the increasing number of Covid cases and deaths in China. No one is aware of how effective China’s vaccine is.

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