Tiger kills dog at Ranthambore National Park, spine-chilling viral video shocks internet

New Delhi: Nothing beats spotting animals in the wild for those on a jungle safari. However, it can sometimes be a surprising experience. In one such clip posted to Twitter by IRS officer Ankur Rapria, a tiger can be seen hunting a stray dog inside the Ranthambore national park.

Shot by tourists from a distance, the video opens with a tiger sleeping on the ground and a dog attempting to walk down near the wild cat. Moments later the tiger gets up and grabs the stray by the neck. People in the background can also be heard asking their drivers to quickly back up their vehicles. Take a look at this video, which is currently being shared widely on various social media platforms:

“Don’t take a sleeping tiger so lightly. T120 tiger from Ranthambore aka killing machine, hv killed even a leopard, sloth bear and hyena. RTR, Rajasthan  Vc~Lakhan Rana” reads the video caption. 

Since being shared on June 30, the video has gathered more than 140k views, and the numbers are still increasing. Social media users are quite disturbed after watching the video and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Take a look at some of the comments below:

“But it’s not a good sign to see Stray Dog deep inside Tiger land!” posted an individual. “Safari camps used this technique for tourist by giving staged prey to big cats ..this is just business for them..” commented another. “I admire the courage of the dog but but bahaduri and bevkoofi mai maheen faraq hota hai ……..but but kaal aaye to koi na bache,” wrote a third. “That’s dangerous situation for wildlife and human..  and this dog being attacked by tiger is just a reflection of of a bigger problem called Human-Wildlife Conflict.” shared a fourth.

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