Klein High’s King of the Mat: Wrestling is woven into McGuire’s DNA

Over decades, so many great wrestlers have honed their skills in the blue and gold mat room, and this season will be no different.

This year’s alpha is senior Timothy McGuire, who took bronze at the 2022 UIL State Meet in the 126-pound weight class.McGuire defeated South Grand Prairie’s Esteban Duran 15-4 and finished the year 47-8 overall. He also led the boys’ team to an overall third-place finish in the end-of-the-year event.

Klein High Wrestling Bradley Collier (Vype)

Now as a senior, McGuire looks back on what he has accomplished and when he flipped the switch on his career.

“I’ve been wrestling since the third grade, in-club, all the way through high school, but last year a light went on,” he said. “During our wrestling camp, we were playing dodgeball and I broke my ankle. I was done and couldn’t wrestle for a while. Wrestling had been my life for so long, so I just went to practice and watched. I’m a very committed person and I had to be there for my teammates. That was really hard, and at that point, I realized that I loved the sport and wanted to wrestle as long as I could.”

McGuire played a little football growing up and ran cross country for years. His father is the cross-country coach at Montgomery High School.

“Wrestling just became my thing for a couple of reasons,” he said. “I love how physical and tough the sport is. I also love the technical side of the sport, which gets overlooked all the time but is important. Finally, wrestling just keeps my life on track. From my daily schedule to keeping my grades up, to making sure my body is in great shape, wrestling keeps me focused.”

While he is laser-focused on the upcoming season, McGuire is also looking toward the future.

“My favorite wrestler is Austin Gomez and I love the Wisconsin program, but I’m looking more at a Division I school, where I can get on the mat,” he said. “I have to be on the mat and not on the sideline.”

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