IBTTA Dublin: safety must be ‘in our DNA’

Asfinag, the authority responsible for Austria’s highways, is putting safety at the heart of managing its operations.

Speaking at the IBTTA Global Tolling Summit in Dublin, Ireland,¬†Rene Moser, senior EU and international affairs manager at Asfinag, insisted: “Road safety must become part of companies’ DNA and must be an ongoing effort.”

Deaths on Austria’s motorway network have dropped from 77 in 2010 to 34 now, but Moser added: “That is still 34 fatalities too many.”

Asfinag has aimed for a ‘systems safety approach’, he says: “Road safety starts in the planning department – but also its about the marketing, communications and innovation departments; it’s not something one person or department can achieve. We also need the cooperation of external stakeholders.”

These include emergency services, automobile clubs, broadcasters (for messaging), decision makers (on regulation), police (enforcement) Рand education. 

“You go to driving school one time – but the world is changing,” Moser points out.

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