How is winter storm in US creating deadly havoc?

These days, America is facing the attack of a blizzard named Bomb Cyclone. The storm that walloped much of the country has claimed at least 48 deaths nationwide. Due to this blizzard, the temperature has dropped to minus 45 degrees Celsius.

Places like New York have completely frozen, roads have been closed, trains have been stopped and thousands of flights have been cancelled. Breathing in the open air has become deadly. Buffalo, New York has received up to 6 feet of snow. The weather is also wreaking havoc in states like Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

National Guards of America have been instructed to be on alert. The ‘Bomb Cyclone’ is also hitting neighbouring Canada as well. Meanwhile, in Asia, Japan is worst hit by extreme weather conditions. At least 17 people have lost their lives so far in the country. 

Meteorologists are also looking at this cold attack by linking it with climate change. This blizzard is being compared to the winter of 1977 when snowfall and cold winds killed 29 people.

Due to extremely poor visibility and snowfall, more than 12,000 flights have been cancelled within the last three days, while many times more flights have been delayed.


Due to snowfall, the electricity supply has also been badly affected, even in this severe cold, millions of people have been forced to live in the dark without electricity.

About 60 percent of the US population faced some sort of winter weather advisory or warning, and temperatures plummeted drastically below normal from east of the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians.

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