Gorleston: Murder accused’s DNA found around victim’s neck

Jurors have heard the DNA of a man accused of murdering his sister-in-law was recovered from “her fingernails and around her neck”.

Paul Kelly-Bridle, 59, has gone on trial at Norwich Crown Court charged with the murder of Linda Hood, 68, whose body was found at her property in Cherwell Way, Gorleston.

Eastern Daily Press:

The jury of six men and six women have heard Mrs Hood died as a result of compression of the neck.

It is alleged Kelly-Bridle went to Mrs Hood’s home and left her dead or dying in the hallway, possibly following an argument over money, on June 10 last year before returning the following day and setting fire to her home to cover his tracks.

On Monday (November 28) the jury of six men and six women heard further interviews given by Kelly-Bridle on June 29 last year prior to him being charged with murder.

Eastern Daily Press:

Kelly-Bridle was told by detectives that his DNA had been “recovered from under Linda Hood’s fingernails and around her neck”.

Jurors heard Kelly-Bridle answered “no comment” to all questions asked about that.

He was also told that Mrs Hood’s blood was found on the shoe that he was wearing.

But when asked why Mrs Hood’s blood was on his shoe, he again answered “no comment”.

Kelly-Bridle was charged with murder and arson following that interview and was taken back to his cell at Great Yarmouth Police Investigation Centre (PIC) by Sergeant Jonathan Loud.

Sgt Loud told the jury he had asked if Kelly-Bridle was “alright” while returning him to custody.

But he said Kelly-Bridle replied “no” before adding “I wasn’t the only one”.

Eastern Daily Press:

Kelly-Bridle was later interviewed in relation to the comment he had made but refused to answer whether he was suggesting someone else had been involved in the murder of Mrs Hood and arson at her home.

Jurors have previously heard police interviews after Kelly-Bridle was first arrested on June 17 last year.

During those interviews, he denied going to Mrs Hood’s home on June 10 or 11 last year or starting a fire.

When detectives asked whether he had killed Mrs Hood he said: “No, I didn’t do it.”

Kelly-Bridle, of Worcester Way, Gorleston, has denied murder and arson.

The trial continues.

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