Girl asks police to check cookie for ‘DNA evidence’ of Santa Claus, they oblige

It may have been close to a month since Christmas passed, but one young girl in the US is still curious about Santa Claus. Earlier this month, the police department of Cumberland, a town on Rhone Island, shared a press release in which they informed the public about a special investigation that looks into the confirmation of Santa Claus.

In the press release that was shared on Facebook, the police department mentioned that they have sent a “partially eaten cookie and carrot remains” for DNA analysis to Rhode Island’s Department of Health-Forensic Sciences Unit to check “for possible DNA evidence of Santa Claus (aka, Kris Kringle, aka Saint Nicholas, aka St. Nick) and/or one of his nine reindeer”.

This request was made on behalf of an unnamed young girl who wrote a letter to the police department to see if they can test the half-eaten cookies and carrots that she left for Santa Claus and his raindeers on Christmas eve.

In addition to authorising a DNA test, the police department also provided the girl with additional evidence “in support of Santa Claus’ presence in her neighbourhood on the night of December 24th, 2022”. This evidence was a picture of what appears to be a white-tailed deer.

The police department’s earnest response to the query of a young citizen has won over the netizens. Commenting on Cumberland Police Department’s press release, a Facebook user wrote, “I can’t begin to say how much I LOVE this! Kudos the young lady and her evidence collection skills! Thanks to our police department for making this investigation a priority! I look forward to hearing the results soon. ”.

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