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New Delhi: When Delhi was sleeping at night after welcoming the New Year, a 20-year-old woman from Delhi was hit, dragged and crushed to death by a car carrying five men. A call was received at Delhi’s Kanjhawala police station around 3.24 pm on January 1st. The caller said – A grey-coloured Maruti Baleno car is going towards Qutubgarh. A dead body is tied to it. At 4:11 in the morning, the cops received another call – the caller said that a girl is lying injured on the road. The police reached the spot and saw that a girl was lying dead without any piece of cloth on her body. The dead body was so badly mutilated that Zee News can not show you the disturbing visuals. 

There are currently two theories regarding the case. According to the first theory, the Delhi Police, which is investigating the incident, believes it to be a case of a road accident. The second theory is of the dead girl’s family which says ”it is a murder.”

In today’s DNA, Zee News presenter Rohit Ranjan analyses Delhi’s horrific Kanjhawala death case and the theories surrounding it.

The Delhi Police arrested all five accused in this case within a few hours and closed the investigation, declaring that it was an accident. But there are some questions that the family members of the dead girl are raising and seeking answers from the Delhi Police. 

After all the commotion, the cops have now somewhat lowered their tone while still maintaining their theory. The police which had earlier given a clean chit to the accused are now saying that appropriate action will be taken based on the investigation and the culprits will be punished severely.

On the other hand, Delhi’s ruling AAP has accused Delhi Police of trying to save the accused, Manoj Mittal, who is a member of the BJP. The Aam Aadmi Party has also shared a picture in a tweet which shows a poster congratulating Manoj Mittal for becoming the co-coordinator of BJP.  The poster is placed right outside the Sultanpuri police station where the accused were taken after their arrest in the case.

Watch tonight’s DNA for a detailed analysis of Delhi’s Kanjhawala death case


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