DNA Behavior Continues Evolution, Naming Leon Morales as President

Atlanta-based global behavior and money insights company announces new roles for longtime leaders, with Morales taking on Presidency and Massie becoming Executive Chairman

ATLANTA, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International continues its growth and evolution, elevating Leon Morales to President and Chief Energy Officer. A member of the executive team since 2013, Morales previously served as the global organization’s Chief Relationship Officer and Managing Director.

“I am excited to continue my journey with DNA Behavior, helping our team, partners and clients create energy around the power of behavior, money and decision insights,” Morales says. “This new leadership alignment continues to best position our team and organization for an exciting phase, leveraging data and tech to enable individuals and organizations worldwide to manage talents, financial behavior and decisions – especially money decisions.”

With the shift in Morales’ duties and title, DNA Behavior Founder & CEO Hugh Massie assumes the role of Executive Chairman, providing strategy and active high-level guidance to the organization’s leaders, partners and large clients, with increasing focus on his pioneering “money energy” research and writing.

“In addition to a deep history with behavioral science and insights, Leon is a steady, accomplished leader with experience implementing enterprise and cloud solutions across a variety of organization types and sizes,” says Massie. “And recalibrating key organizational roles is a prime example of DNA behavioral data and tech in action, enabling us to be even more effective and efficient unlocking the power of behavioral and money insights for our partners and clients.”

Prior to DNA Behavior, Morales was a Senior Workplace Behavioral Consultant with Areté Global Consulting, following several years as Principal of Business Development for Innovar Partners and, later, Innovar Collective. He spent 16 years with Cox Communications, during which time he served in a number of leadership roles, his last being Executive Director of Enterprise Resource Planning. As an entrepreneur, Morales founded an accounting firm and, later, a new media forum. He began his career in public accounting as a certified public accountant.

Morales served in the United States Air Force, holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington and is trained in the Birkman Method. For those who know DNA Behavior-speak, Morales is an Initiator.

Since 2001, DNA Behavior continues to promote, explore, and engage people in the power of human behavioral understanding and the importance of building an enhanced relationship with money so that people will stress less, do more and be well for longer. Unfortunately for many individuals and those that offer professional advice, the making of financial and investment decisions continues to be where examining the impact of money starts and stops. Although we are observing trends to address relational issues by leading financial professionals and coaches who provide a high human touch service to their clients, the vast array of wealth tech and financial wellness tools have yet to fully address what drives

money from an emotional perspective and how does it coincide with other “life” energies that include psychological, physical and food intake. This white paper is based on extensive research, expertise, and experience over many years and proposes a working formula to measure one’s ability to generate money energy.

About DNA Behavior: As the Behavior and Money Insights Company, DNA Behavior provides a system for understanding people, challenging organizations and leaders to rethink and reshape how they measure and manage human differences in high-stakes decision-making. Since 2001, teams and advisors have leveraged 4,000+ behavior and money insights. Scalable, reliable, customizable and configurable, in existing tech stacks and beyond. Business DNA, Communication DNA and Financial DNA. #DNAbehavior #behavioralinsights #wealthmanagement #leadership #LeonMorales

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