Delhi Kanjhawala death case takes unexpected turn, know 5 most recent revelations

Delhi Kanjhawala case has left the entire capital stunned (Representational image)

The hit-and-case case in Delhi’s Kanjhawala area is getting more complicated. Some more CCTV videos related to this incident have surfaced, after which the Delhi Police has changed some of their own statements regarding the gruesome killing of the girl.

So far, the Delhi Police had said that the car occupants hit the victim’s scooty, after which the girl got trapped under their car. These accused continued to drive and dragged the victim’s body on the streets of Delhi for about 12 kilometers. Delhi Police considers it a hit-and-run case, but the victim’s family is not ready to accept it.

When the victim’s body was found, there were no clothes on her body. Because of this, the victim’s family is also linking it to rape and murder. Here are the five major revelations from the autopsy report and investigations.

  • The first thing is that according to the postmortem report, the victim Anjali died due to being trapped in the car.
  • Secondly, it has been found that there was no sexual offence with Anjali. Her private parts were not injured in the altercation.
  • Anjali has suffered serious injuries on her head, spine bones, and lower parts of her body.
  • Anjali was not alone at the time of the accident, she was accompanied by her friend Nidhi.
  • The fifth update is that before the accident, Anjali and her friend Nidhi had a fight in a hotel room and outside the hotel.

The Delhi Police said that Anjali’s friend Nidhi was the eyewitness of the accident and was sitting behind her on the scooty. Nidhi said that Anjali was very drunk after they left the hotel, which was the reason for the accident. However, Nidhi is not saying why she did not inform the police immediately after the accident took place. Nidhi says that she was terrified by the accident incident, and she went straight to her house.

The investigation of this case is with Special CP Shalini Singh. Late last night, she along with a police team reached the spot where the victim’s body was found. The forensic team also collected evidence from the area late last night. Delhi Police says that on the basis of CCTV videos, eyewitnesses, and digital evidence, a timeline of the entire incident will be made, after which efforts will be made to get the accused severely punished.

In the CCTVs that have surfaced so far, something is seen stuck in the front tyres on the left side of the Baleno car. This is being described as Anjali’s body. Police say that Anjali’s leg was stuck in it after the accident, after which she died due to wear and tear. Nidhi confirmed this. Nidhi was sitting on a scooty with Anjali at the time of the accident. According to Nidhi, after the accident, Anjali kept screaming in pain, but the occupants of the car did not stop the car and kept dragging her.

Now, more aspects of the case are being revealed by the Delhi Police, especially after Nidhi and Anjali’s fight was recorded in CCTV.

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