Dad Framed And Hung Up Son’s DNA Test To Get Back At His Parents

As any family knows, parents are hard to please — especially when it comes to how they view your partner.

One man has taken to Reddit to tell the story of how his parents’ feelings toward his wife led to him hanging up his son’s DNA test in the living room. 

Now, he’s asking if he’s wrong for doing so in his post on Reddit’s “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA). AITA is a Reddit forum where people from across the internet ask for advice on a conflict in their lives and ask for ratings on how they handled it.

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The dad framed and hung up the test as a reminder of why his parents didn’t come to the wedding. 

“I met my wife 3 years ago. We got married 9 months ago. We have a baby boy together that she got pregnant with while we were engaged,” he explains.

“My wife used to be a sex worker. No judgment on that please! She did what she had to do to survive,” he add.

He says his parents were always “skeptical” of her and asked a lot of questions about if and why he wanted to settle down with her.

“When she got pregnant, they went nuts and demanded a DNA test. They refused to attend the wedding until the DNA test was done which caused a huge problem.”

In the end, they missed the wedding but the test was still done. Just as he predicted, the baby was indeed his. 

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