Cops Find Part Of Skull, Bones In Forest, Sent For DNA Match

Sources say investigations into the six-month-old murder hinge on forensic reports

New Delhi:

In the grisly murder of 27-year-old Shraddha Walkar by her live-in boyfriend Aftab Ameen Poonawala, Delhi police have recovered more human remains from the Mehrauli forest.

The base of a skull, a decapitated jaw, and more bones were found today. They will be sent for forensic examination to match with Shraddha’s father’s DNA samples. 

Aftab confessed to concealing all evidence related to Shraddha. He destroyed three of Shraddha’s pictures that he found in the house after he murdered her. 

The police also recovered Shraddha’s bag from Aftab’s Chattarpur flat, and found some of her clothes, and shoes. 

Aftab’s ‘narco’, or narcoanalysis, test will be conducted after Forensic Science Laboratory team takes up Delhi Police’s request

The police had initially recovered 8 to 10 bones, which were sent for forensic examination. The second important location in the investigation is Aftab Poonawala’s Chhatarpur flat, where the couple was staying before the murder.

The third key location in this investigation is Gurugram, near the call centre where Aftab was last working. 

The police have been searching the forest every day for the past three days. Today, they left Aftab’s flat with two big black plastic bags.

The next few days are crucial for the investigation, as Aftab’s custody ends on Wednesday. Key evidence in the case is still missing.

The police had yesterday recovered heavy and sharp cutting tools from Aftab’s flat, which they suspect might have been used to chop off Shraddha Walkar’s body. They also found a heavy black polythene bag at Aftab’s Gurugram workplace the day before.

Sources say investigations into the six-month-old murder hinge on forensic reports, call data, and circumstantial evidence as there are no witnesses.

Shraddha and Aftab had moved to Delhi in May and four days later, following an argument over expenses and infidelity, he strangled her to death, later chopping up the body into 35 pieces that he kept in a fridge and disposed of in a jungle over 18 days, police have said.

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