China urged to disclose more Covid DNA data – Asia Times

Western experts are urging China to disclose more data related to its current Covid wave, particularly the genome sequencing information that can be used to identify new mutant strains.

The United States, Japan, South Korea, India and Taiwan have recently reintroduced Covid tests for travelers from China, which will allow more people to fly overseas from January 8 as part of its retreat from “zero-Covid” restrictions. Foreign authorities are worried that deadly new Covid variants might have already emerged in the country’s perceived as “unchecked” virus outbreaks.  

China has completed genome sequencing on samples from 1,142 Covid patients so far this month. About 80% of the samples were reportedly BA5.2 and BF.7, which are more contagious but less pathogenic than previous strains. Chinese health officials said no new mutants had been identified.

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