Bus tragedy victims’ DNA samples collected


The bodies of 38 bus tragedy victims who perished Sunday morning at Bela Chungi stop, Lasbela, Balochistan, were transported from Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) to Edhi Morgue afer legal formalities.

Heirs of the deceased came to the city to collect the remains of their near and dear ones, However, they were shcked to know that it might take a week or even 10 days for the legal procedure of DNA matching to complete.

The hospital administration and Sindh Police Surgeon, Dr Sumaiya Syed Tariq said they have collected blood samples of the bodies and the heirs of the deceased for DNA matching.

She said DNA test report would likely come within the week, and bodies would be handed over to the heirs after matching report.

The DNA tests of as many as 38 bodies of the victims of the Lasbela bus crash have been collected, officials said.

The DNA samples of 38 bodies brought at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) and their families have been taken. The bodies were shifted to Edhi’s morgue after the samples were taken.

The bodies will be handed over to their heirs after the DNA samples’ matching.

As many as 41 people had lost their lives in a passenger bus crash in Balochistan’s Lasbela area out of which, 38 bodies were brought to JPMC for DNA purpose and later shifted to the Edhi’s morgue.

Hospital sources said that after spending more than 11 hours, the medico-legal team completed the post-mortem of the bodies of the people who died in the accident between Sunday and Monday night, added that the DNA samples of the unidentified bodies have been taken.

There were many heirs who claimed that two, three and four members of the families have also died in the accident. The relatives of the three deceased persons were not arrived yet while they were expected to reach Karachi for the DNA sampling purpose.

The DNA samples have been sent to the laboratory in University of Karachi for the matching purpose.

On the other hand, the heirs present at the Edhi mortuary wanted the bodies to be handed over to them, however Faisal Edhi, head of the Edhi Foundation, says that according to the legal proceedings, the bodies will be handed over to the heirs after receiving the DNA reports.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 31st, 2023.

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