BTS’ DNA, Spring Day, Dreamcatcher’s Chase Me and more: 6 iconic K-Pop songs of 2017


The song has been characterized as an upbeat EDM and pop song. The modern electronic production consists of whistles, added bells, and acoustic guitar. It is driven by dynamic strings and a pulsating drum-line. Instrumentation for the song is provided by guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizer, and drums. Band members RM, J-Hope and Jungkook provided backing vocals for the track. It revolves around the expression of a young, passionate love that is very different from the band’s previous releases. Lyrically, the song explores the theme of fate and love at first sight, through lines like: “I knew you from first sight/ As if we have been calling for each other/ The DNA in my veins tells me/ You’re the one I’ve been searching for.” There is denying that this song brought them to the global map. 

BTS- Spring Day 

Compared to DNA, Spring Day is a slower song with a lot of meaning. It is a mid tempo alternative hip hop and pop rock power ballad, with Brit rock and electronic influences. RM stated that he wrote the lyrics when thinking of his middle and high-school mates, from whom he hadn’t heard in a long time. RM compared the song’s mood to that of the band’s 2015 singles, I Need U and Run/ Lyrically, the song uses a seasonal metaphor to compare the longing and separation from loved ones to internal winter. The verses use snow-y imagery to explore themes of loss, yearning, grief, and moving on: I wanna hold your hand/ And go to the other side of the earth/ Wanna put an end this winter/ How much do I have to long for you like snow piles up on the ground/ Until the spring days come?

Dreamcatcher– Chase Me

Dreamcatcher’s debut song Chase Me is a revolutionary song as it was a dark concept and rock song, which was extremely rare with female groups. They began a new wave of dark concepts in the industry. Dreamcatcher originally debuted under the name MINX, releasing the single Why Did You Come to My Home on September 18, 2014 with a five-member lineup of JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Dami. That December, they released the holiday single Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree with girl group Dal Shabet. They released the EP Love Shake, their last release as MINX, in July 2015. In November 2016, the group announced that they would re-debut in 2017 under the new name Dreamcatcher with two new members, Handong and Gahyeon. The group has come to be recognized as ‘The face of rock in K-pop’. 

BLACKPINK– As If It’s Your Last 

It is a synth-pop, house, reggae and moombahton song with its lyrics revolving around finding and losing love. It was BLACKPINK’s most exciting and upbeat song that they have released so far. BLACKPINK member Jisoo said that the group had thus far in their history only had “Black” concepts up until then, and that this new single would be a “Pink” concept. The song sold more than 5,000 downloads to debut at number 13 on Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart which, at the time, gave them the highest-charting Korean song by a group in America and made Blackpink the highest-charting Korean group since Wonder Girls in 2009.

Red Velvet– Red Flavour 

It has been described as an electro pop song with dramatic synths and a percussive melody. It focuses on the theme of fruit-flavored summer love. Red Flavour  was well received by music critics; the song has appeared on several critics year-end lists and was awarded Best Pop Song at the 15th Korean Music Awards. In 2019, Billboard ranked it as the second greatest K-pop song of the 2010s. The song was a commercial success in South Korea, becoming Red Velvet’s first number-one on the Gaon Digital Chart, their longest-charting single to date on said chart, and their fifth song to sell over one million downloads. It additionally peaked at number four on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart in the United States, and was the group’s first single to enter the Billboard charts in Japan and the Philippines. Since its release, Red Velvet has performed “Red Flavor” for all of their headlining concert tours. The song was performed at the Spring is Coming concert in Pyongyang at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre (alongside “Bad Boy”) to an audience that included Korean Workers’ Party chairman Kim Jong Un. Seen as an act of a wider diplomatic initiative between South Korea and North Korea, the group’s appearance at the concert made them only the fifth idol group to have performed in North Korea. 

SUNMI– Gashina 

Gashina is a dancehall-style synth-pop number that rocks an Eastern-style atmosphere and a distinct rhythmic bass sound. It was co-produced by The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. The song debuted at number 2 on the Gaon Digital Chart, on the chart issue dated August 20–26, 2017, with 174,383 downloads sold – topping the Download Chart – and 4,670,275 streams. In its second week, the song peaked atop the chart, with 151,199 downloads sold – staying atop the Download Chart – and 7,201,441 streams. The song placed at number 15 for the month of August and peaked at number 3 the following month. It has sold over 667,590 digital downloads as of September 2017. The song also debuted at number 3 on the US World Digital Song Sales with 1,000 downloads sold in the week ending September 9, 2017. The song was the 32nd best-selling song of 2017 in South Korea with 1,190,380 downloads sold. It was one of the most iconic songs along with the dance, which was done by most idols. 

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