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ADILABAD: The Mancherial Government Hospital authorities are in a fix, unable to find out who is the mother of the boy and who is the mother of the girl, after the staff accidentally “swapped” their babies on the night of December 27. After delivery which happened almost at the same time, one of the two mothers — Pavani — claimed that she gave birth to a boy while the second mother Mamatha also claimed that the baby boy was her son.

Unable to resolve the issue, the hospital authorities kept the two infants in the neo-natal care unit while asking the police to register a case and send the samples for DNA testing to know who is the mother of the boy and the mother of the girl is. But the police are yet to register a case, insisting that there was no complaint in the first place, and even if there was, there was no crime angle to this.

With no solution in sight, the hospital authorities are continuing the infants in the neonatal intensive care unit where the staff are feeding the babies. Until the issue is resolved, there is no way the babies can have breast milk from their mothers. Though family members of Mamatha, one of the two mothers, lodged a complaint with Mancherial police seeking custody of the boy, the police are yet to register it as they see no crime in it.

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