5 ways to detox your body after new year celebration party

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From the beginning of the winter season till the end of winter, the entire season keeps on having parties one after the other. From Diwali to Holi. The wedding season continues with different festivals. Then New Year and also the festival of love. In such a situation, it is necessary to detox the body after a lot of food and drink. Detox means taking out the toxic elements from the body. 

Here’s how you can detox your body

Drink herbal tea

The easiest way to detox the body is to have herbal tea. Keeping in mind the test in this, you can choose any test of your choice from fennel, mint or chamomile. Mix honey in it.

Eat less salt

Eating more salt will make your body need more water because the body needs more water to digest more sodium. In such a situation, after a dinner party, you can feel puffy or bloated. Avoid high-salt food for the next few days.


Alcohol rapidly depletes the number of vitamins in our bodies. Also, toxins start increasing in the body. Therefore, give nutrition to the body by eating fresh fruits and green vegetables.


Yes, the gym can help you a lot in detoxing the body. If you do not want to go to the gym, then you can do running, walk at high speed, skip and exercise in the park. Sweating helps detox the body.


If you are having a hangover and suffocation problem the next morning of the party, then breathing exercises can help you. That’s why you can take the help of Pranayama, Anulom-Vilom.

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